facilities at Char Dham highway facilities at Char Dham highway

Facilities at Char Dham Highway – 11 Major Points

The Char Dham Highway Project has introduced modern facilities to make the pilgrimage more comfortable. These upgrades include Bypass Roads, Bridges and Viaducts, Helipads, Medical Facilities and much more.

Major upgrades introduced with various new facilities at Char Dham Highway to make the pilgrimage more comfortable. These upgrades include Bypass Roads, Bridges and Viaducts, Helipads, Medical Facilities and much more. With various new facilities at Char Dham Highway, each step of your pilgrimage becomes not just a change but a more enriching and pleasant experience.

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Bypass Roads

  • The Char Dham Highway will feature 13 strategically designed bypass roads.
  • These roads facilitate smooth transitions between destinations, reducing congestion and making the pilgrimage more accessible and enjoyable for travelers.

Bridges and Viaducts

  • Approximately 132 Sturdy bridges and 4 viaducts now adorn the Char Dham Highway.
  • Offering safe passage over challenging terrains, these structures provide panoramic views, connecting pilgrims not only to spiritual destinations but also with the awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounding them.

Scenic Rest Areas & Pit Stops

  • More than 18 road side amenities and Scenic pit stops are strategically placed along the route, considering optimum facilities at Char Dham Highway.
  • Pilgrims can pause at these stops and absorb the divine energy of their surroundings amidst the sacred journey.
facilities at char dham highway

Hassle Free Parking Spaces

  • Thoughtfully located more than 145 Bus bays parking facilities for pilgrim convenience.
  • Ensuring seamless transitions, these facilities at Char Dham highway allow pilgrims to move effortlessly from vehicles to sacred sites, providing a more focused and undisturbed spiritual experience.

Helipads – Facilities at Char Dham Highway

  • Strategically positioned helipads along the route.
  • Pilgrims now have the option of soaring above landscapes, gaining aerial perspectives of the sacred journey, and ensuring a convenient and time-efficient pilgrimage experience.

Helicopter Emergency Response Services

  • Introduction of Helicopter Emergency Response Services.
  • This Facility at Char Dham Highway offers rapid medical aid and emergency support, providing pilgrims with a sense of security and immediate assistance during unforeseen circumstances.

Beautiful Serene Accommodations

  • Serene accommodations along the Char Dham Highway for pilgrims on their yatra.
  • From guesthouses to luxury hotels, these resting places strategically placed along the route provide travelers a peaceful retreat to recharge their spirits for the adventures ahead.

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Medical Facilities at Char Dham Highway

  • Three layer healthcare infrastructure and Well-equipped medical facilities at Char Dham Highway for pilgrim health.
  • Ambulances will be provided on Char Dham highway for Life Support and Emergency Transportation.
  • Emergency Medicines for pilgrims to be provided by Drones, with referral support from AIIMS Rishikesh, Doon and Srinagar Medical Colleges.

Shop in Authentic Local Markets

  • Vibrant local markets along the roads to enhance Facilities at Char Dham Highway.
  • Pilgrims can explore these markets, gaining glimpses of local art and culture. From traditional handicrafts to indigenous artwork, these markets offer authentic and immersive cultural experience.

Waste Management Initiatives

  • Initiatives promoting eco-conscious practices.
  • From recycling bins to awareness campaigns, these initiatives ensure that the devotion of the pilgrimage is not compromised by environmental concerns, adding a layer of spiritual significance to the journey.

Communication Centers

  • Communication centers equipped with internet facilities to assist pilgrims more efficiently.
  • These centers bridge the gap between the sacred and the digital realms. Pilgrims can stay in touch with loved ones or access real-time information, ensuring a seamless transition through the spiritual and practical aspects of the journey.

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